Testimonials ~ If you're wondering what to expect from Relationship Counseling, take a look at what others already know. 

"Prior to seeking relationship counseling and individual therapy services, I felt so unhappy in my relationship.  I thought my only option was to end it.  Renee Rokero showed us a new way to achieve the healthy relationship we desired.  Together, we found our purpose, thank you." 

Ed & Nancy, Kapolei, Hawaii

"Renee helped me to see and purge years of inner junk that held me back from living and loving with purpose.  I'm now able to love with purpose and my marriage feels good again."

Patricia, Honolulu, Hawaii

  “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a therapist you can trust. Renee Rokero was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – she is professional, caring and understanding.  She showed me how to embrace my inner self and live again with purpose.  I feel so connected now, and so does my partner.”

Gabe & Ebony, Mililani, Hawaii

  "It was an amazing experience for me.  I didn't want to accept the fact that my relationship was toxic and unhealthy.  With lots of support and guidance, I learned to live the truth and take responsibility for my own happiness.  No more sad days for me!  Thank you Renee." 

Amber, Kaneohe, Hawaii

 "This was a huge eye opening experience for my husband and I.  We've come to accept and respect each other and have chosen to live every day with purpose."

Jim & Lani, Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

  " forces you to look hard at yourself.  I didn't know where to begin or what to do.  Renee Rokero showed me, step by step, how to achieve inner peace and harmony.  I decided to commit to living and loving with purpose.  Life has changed for the better." 

Kimberly, Honolulu, Hawaii

  "I didn't know what to do with my relationship.  Coming to therapy helped me to see the truth.  It was hard and I cried a lot but I learned what it means to live and love and feel whole again.  Thank you so much."                                     

Noelani, Pearl City, Hawaii

 "I had been living for years with depression and sadness.  With Renee's support, I learned how to overcome my struggles and live with purpose.  Today, I'm a stronger, happier person.  "

 Anthony, Kailua, Hawaii

~ Make a commitment today to begin your journey and start creating the life you desire.  Stop your relationship ambivalence and stop struggling.  

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